Welcome to my store where occasionally I list items that are Handmade by myself. You can view some of the items I have made in the pictures below. Currently I have two chairs for sale .

FOR SALE: Hand made using mostly hand tools, this Stick Chair is perfect for relaxing in the living room beside a fireplace or elsewhere in the home. Legs and stretchers, and the three piece arm-bow are made out of Ash wood , the seat is cherry, and the spindles are made out of oak. The Crest is steam bend Ash. The chair has been finished with General finishes lamp black acrylic milk paint. For more information about this chair or the construction , just send me an email or message on Instagram.

FOR SALE: Hand crafted using mainly hand-tools. This chair features Oak spindles, crest, and seat. the rest of the chair is constructed using Ash wood. This chair has an oil finish to bring out the colors. For more info on this chair , sent me an email or message me through Instagram.

Here is an example with the Hinges and Hasp I made for my Tool Chest