Traveling Dutch Tool Chest (Outfitting The Interior)

Completed tool chest

Since I didn’t like the fact that my smaller tools would roll around or be stacked over top of other tools, I decided to put some drawers inside the bottom parts of the tool chest to keep things organized. It started with drawing down ideas while I was waiting for the paint to dry. After many drawings, searches online and a couple of days to decide and think about it, I came up with the current drawers I have. The chest just looked to plain with out drawers and had to much wasted space for small tools without.I’m sure some people might not like the design, but I’d say its suits me .

This was my original thought .

I wanted two Drawers one larger one in the bottom part of the upper tool chest, that holds some of my block planes, mallet, spoke shaves etc.And a small drawer in the lower unit for shoulder planes , bull-nose plane, etc.

I also wanted a hardware cabinet in the bottom part that is removable if I ever do need more space or want place it on a table top to not have to reach down.Why Keep Hardware in a Tool Chest? Well I’m planing on using the chest in my garage and don’t feel like running down to the basement shop all the time or having a separate cabinet in my garage. Also comes in handy if I ever take the chest somewhere then ill have my most common hardware with me.

I went with half blind dovetails fore the front and through dovetails in the back of the drawers. the Hardware cabinet was all through dovetails with two dados in the middle for the drawers shelf’s.I carved some fingernail details on the large drawer front and the small drawers in the hardware case for detail and looks.

For the hardware case I used 1/4″ material, glued and nailed everything together. The front is 3/4″ since it holds the ring pull and gives it extra stability. Basically the same design as the Roy Underhill nail cabinet drawers.

For the Drawer runners I used 1/2″ Cherry and cut a basic design in the front to make it more detailed. The hardware case has a drawer runner attached to its side so that the drawer can sit beside since its removable.

Now that the bottom parts of the tool chest were done, I went ahead and installed a simple 1/4″ nailed together hand plane divider into the upper part, a Chisel rack with two beads on the front, and a simple saw till . The Chisel rack holes where all 1/2″ diameter 2 1/4″ spaced, some of them I had to cut and mortise out to the sides to fit the larger chisels. Last was to install the Panel saw holders that go onto the inside of the lid. The Design was simple and the grooves I cut with a palm router .

So what would i have done differently?

The Hardware case could have been 1/2″ thick instead of 3/4″ but that’s not a big issue, and the saw rack and hand plane dividers I could have spent more time on, but since its all easily removable I might go back to it in the future and make some changes, overall I’m very happy with the turnout of the build. If anyone has any questions on measurements or the build itself, direct message me on Instagram I’d be happy to answer some questions.

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