Traveling Dutch Tool Chest ( Lid, Hardware and Paint)

Last Part of this build was about the back and the front of the chest. In this blog I will cover a little about the Lid , the hardware I chose and paint.

Lets start with the lid. The lid was made out of pine and I used the breadboard joint instead of battens to keep things from twisting. I really like the look of bread-boarding and since that’s a joint I don’t do enough I thought that’s the right opportunity. The dowels where made using the Lie-Nielsen dowel plate. I sharpened the tip of the dowel using a pencil sharpener.

After the joint dry fit and glue up was satisfactory, the top of the lid received some 1/8″ rabbets on the sides and front with a round over edge. There is countless ways to make the lid look great, this was just simple for me and I like the simple look. This makes the lid fit with the chest design and leave it not so plane boring. I tried to stick to Chris Schwarz’s design as close as possible since that design was what convinced me to make this chest.

It was time for hardware. I chose to go with chest handles recommended by many from lee valley. For the hinges and hasp etc, I ordered strap hinges from lee valley and a hasp online, but for some reason I started forging a little and decided I will make my own hinges and hasp. So I did and I am happy with the decision.Of course there is nothing wrong with the lee valley hinges or other hardware if one cannot make their own.

Once all the hardware was on it was time to strip the chest of the hardware and get her ready for a paint job. I masked parts of that really did not need painting such as the bottom of the upper and lower cabinet, and the top of the lower cabinet. I decided to not paint the top and bottoms, cause the contrast of the paint with bare wood looks great in my eyes.

I originally decided to go with soldier blue milk paint from the old fashioned milk paint co. and stay with one paint and be done after 3 or so coats.Well since nothing ever goes as planned, after 3 coats of blue, I decided to go ahead and paint black over it and I am very happy with the decision. I put 3 coats of black over 3 coats of blue sanding between first 3 blue coats.

Once all the paint was dry I buffed all painted surfaces with extra fine steel wool, to give it a sheen, which I’m sure most people do or use a paper bag to buff the surface. I really love the look of milk paint especially once it comes to putting a finish on .

Everything was buffed ,so I thought this chest just looks to much like all the other chests and before putting a finish over the Paint I wanted to make this chest look a little different. Make it my dutch tool chest. I went to Michaels( Craft store) and bought some stencils with some royal gold paint. I decided to put some small decorative accents in the corners and center of the fall fronts and a fancier stencil design with my initials on the lid.

After the Accents paint dried, I went ahead and put a coat of tried and true tung oil on to bring out the paint .

Lastly the hardware was installed.I also screwed on some corner straps I made with the same design as the hinges, on the front of both the upper chest and lower auxiliary chest. Now its time for the Interior.

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